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Read in the name of thy (Allah) LORD who created .

Created man from a mere clot of blood .

Read and your Allah /LORD is the most generous .

The one who taught (them to write) by the pen.

Taught man what he knew not .

Lo ! but the man rebels as he finds comfort .

Verily unto his LORD shall he return .

Hath thou seen the one who forbids a bondman when he prays .

Or when he behaves with piety .

Hath thou seen that he denieth and trangresseth .

Doth he not know that Allah/ GOD seeth .

Lo ! if he doth not refrain WE shall surely take him by his forelock .

Forelock of the sinful liar .

Then let him call upon his comrades .

WE shall call upon the guards of hell .

Lo ! Do not obey him, so prostrate and approach .



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